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Rocd? (Sort of).. help! :(



May 4, 2019
So basically, ever since i left my ex ive been happy being single. Ive tried to date a couple of times but always find myself backing away from commitment. I'm not sure if this is because my last 2 ex's treated me really badly. Recently ive been speaking to someone and ive met him a couple times and it feels different. ive been so excited to see him and i really like him. I started to feel like this is the one. i know it seems soon but its just how i felt. Today my anxiety has been so bad and now im panicking and have got all these thought going through my head like do i really want this? do i actually like him? shall i back out? and its really annoying me because i want it to work so badly hes amazing but my anxiety is pulling me back,im not sure if this is my anxiety or not? What shall i do? He's absoltely fine with taking things at my pace which is great and he understands i have anxiety. I actually had the exact same problem with my ex but i managed to get over it. I just need some advice really. help !


Well-known member
Jul 8, 2019
do i really want this? do i actually like him? shall i back out?
actually I think these are normal healthy thoughts
about someone you just met !

your meeting someone fantastic
shows you are getting better
but its not a commitment at this stage

thats great he can take it slowly
it would be worrying if he couldn't !



Well-known member
Jul 23, 2019
:hi: @Faraway1998 your feeling how I did when I split with my ex hubby and I thank every day for that happening and along came my hubby just after 6mths of that split and I took it steady with him and he was ok about it.
Your anxiety levels will be at an high rate and it makes you think am I doing right or wrong because of trust again in a relationship.

Just take it steady and let it take it's course and see how it goes :love: Abby