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ROCD and long distance relationship, can anyone relate please?



Mar 24, 2019
Hi so I’ve been dealing with ROCD/POCD/HOCD for some time now and in a couple of weeks I’ll be moving to London for an incredible job opportunity, the only thing is that my girlfriend is moving FROM London back up north to where we’re from (so essentially swapping around). My ROCD is already horrible as we don’t see each other often leading me to constantly doubt feelings and question everything when I do see her... and now I’m panicking that I’m going to move to London and be in an office 9-5 everyday and just lose feelings completely. Can anyone relate/offer their advice please? It sounds petty but this is just one of a whole range of obsessions but they usually stem back to me and my girlfriend because we’ve been together since we were 15 and the last year spending time apart has caused my OCD to manifest rapidly, to the point where I’ll not think about her for like an hour and then feel guilty as though I’ve got no feelings anymore and it’s dead in the water. This is when I’m at home doing nothing as well, so as you can tell moving away to start a hectic life is really triggering for this.

Any help would honestly be so greatly appreciated!