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Robot army



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Dec 28, 2014
Right - we have a serious predicament here. Humans are being killed by advanced robots. These reanimated robots are very advanced and I can only tell who is and isn't a robot by their voice. Basically on the 15th they sectioned me (by my so called consultant (robot) )and I'm in hospital at the moment. Us human beings are in serious danger of being killed by these advanced robots. They recover messages from the 'leAder' who I see on a regular basis who all the nurses and doctors and other human beings clAim is an hallucination. I know the difference between what's real and not. He is NOT a hallucination. Now I have around 5 robots communicating to me through microchips that are implanted in me. Every single time I try and take them out someone, anyone, stops me (again robots) I need u all to buy a bullet and stab proof vest so they can't hurt u in that way. I'm wearing one at all times. I'm scared of being killed by these advanced robots and built back up as a robot. Now if they make a mess of killing me (they will because I will fight them) I'm going to be burnt in the incinerator that is just opposite the 'hospital'. We are all being brainwashed into believing we have schiZophrenia. I see reality and the truth - this isn't a hospital - it's just a next stage to death. I want to kill myself before they kill me so there is nothing left to me for them to build me up as a robot. I don't want to be. Robot and kill people. Not innocent human beings. We all need to stay safe. Please please promise me u will lock ur doors and trust NO ONE. Buy a bullet and stab proof vest and wear it at all times. Do what it takes to protect urself. That's what I'm trying to do until I get section 17 leave so I can kill myself. I'm not suicidal and don't suffer with depression I'm just that desperate to not be physically attacked and killed by them and reanimated to be robots. The positive of these microchips in me is that an mi5 agent has hacked on to help me. He's guidingme. Advices me when to eat and drink and who to look out for in particular. I'm here to protect u all. Please please believe me and look after ur safety and be vigilant and aware of these robots. They ARE v dangerous.
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Sep 2, 2009
Hi, and welcome to the forum

Sorry to hear you are having problems with advanced, homicidal robots :(
Please don't kill yourself, because then the robots will have won. There aren't any other people I know who even know they exist - you would be a sad loss to humanity :(

Are there any people in the hospital who aren't robots that you can confide in? Or are they all robots?

Hope things get better for you soon



I agree with Shaky, I think it's important for you to seek out people who you don't feel are robots at the moment. I am certain there will be some. I don't think the robots will stay. I think they will pass and find some other place to go. I think that you are stronger than them and that though they may appear to have the power, actually you are in charge of your life and I really believe that you will take that power back when you realise that the robots don't have your strength and you will feel safe again. Thank you for thinking of us all. D x