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Reverse SAD? Irritable/Low when Sun is out



New member
Jan 10, 2016
Hi all,

So I've been spending the morning googling this bloody affliction I've suffered for a few years now (it hasn't always been the case), but can find next to nothing on it.

I love and crave grey, rainy/wintery days. I don't mind being out, just as long as the skies aren't blue and fluffy.

Whenever the sun is out, especially first thing in a morning, it puts me into a highly, uncontrollable irritable mood. I also tend to feel less energetic and significantly low as the day goes on.

Is what I'm suffering some sort of reverse SAD?



Well-known member
Oct 5, 2015
I prefer winter as a rule, I only like the sun out if I can enjoy it. If I have nothing to do and I'm on my own at home and its a nice day I feel awful, panicky and very depressed.


Active member
May 8, 2016
Hi guys!

I registered on this forum to get more information on/meeting like-minded people with reverse SAD (Summer depression).
I have had this for many years, and I just noticed that its back again.
E.g. when the sun is up, and its getting warmer, my symptoms are:

Lack of energy. I feel like just staying in bed and its a struggle to get up to do anything.
Lack of appetite. I am naturally slim every summer because Im not hungry
I become easily irritated. I think Im sensitive to heat and I feel overheated by sitting in the sun for 1 min.
It feels like my brain is overheated in the heat too. As soon as I have an air conditioner, I start to feel better again.
Because I can't cope with the heat very well, I'm becoming more lonely than usual as I have to decline events etc.
This in turn, contributes to depressive thoughts.
My family never understood me. I tried to convince myself that "Im going to like this summer", but its like my body refuses and my conclusion is that Im probably just not made for summer..
Im scared, because the rest of the year i have a great life,and Im happy. However, when summer comes and i start feeling down, I'm actually scared that this depression might become very serious...Affecting work, friends, family..

Is there anyone else who recognise these issues?

A big problem I think is that most people don´t understand this "disorder" and GPs definitely have no idea about this..So it feels very lonely.




Aug 3, 2015
I always feel lower in the summer too. The heat makes me feel tired and I struggle more to do anything. It seems there are people like us about then. I thought I was alone.