Rethink recommendations for Mental Health Act Reform



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Sep 17, 2018
London, Westmister
Tungsten pending, sit tight! If patient get "pinch" oddballish reactions on anti-psychotics + drugs (the amusitives were ment to alleviate the anxiety) happens as follows; THE patient get warp-drive on (DID-amnesia) and goes and crams bottle up in his ass. No, ripley's, the shrink do not change the medication just slants 3D-googles on nose, pick up bucket of popcorn and basks on laurels by enjoying the ride and the super finale; DOUBLE THE DOSAGE! I would be perfect if these "DID-solos" would be uploaded to the internet. And if the seizures happened by accident, how everybody is aware of them or being recording it. Just guessing because no one talks to me! That scary scenario if this nutjob (me) turns out to be fine WITHOUT anti-psychotics? No one of course do not want to talk about it because then the mistreatment case is quite sure, do we think?