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Research Involvement



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Feb 14, 2008
Birmingham UK
I hope nobody minds but I have sort of extracted what I thought was a brilliant post on the SUI thread and started a new one, because I think this area deserves its own thread (the whole SUI forum only started recently as a result of Dollit realising it needed its own section so it is in its very early stages).

Aine wrote...

"Service user involvement isn't only about being involved in planning and delivery. I am a member of the TELL group, (Training, educating, listening & learning) which is a partnership of professionals & User volunteers who provide training for trainee social workers, ASWs and psychology students through role play based on our own experience. We show in these roleplays how we would like to be treated.I t's all about values.
The role plays trigger off a discussion on the issues raised in the roleplays."

There is something vaguely similar in Birmingham Aine - it is called Suresearch and operates out of Birmingham University. I have only ever been to one meeting so I am not very au fait with it but I agree with you that it is a very important form of SUI.

As I understand it there is some sort of national organisation which is involved with this called Mental Health Research Network/Service User Research Group England (SURGE), although from what I have read there has been great upheaval and dissension at the national headquarters. I wondered if anyone here knew more about these groups?



I've just had a little look around re MHRN & SURGE - from what I can gather the former is the parent organization. I'll have a look round the website when I've got a bit more get up and go. Meanwhile back to my :tea:
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