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Research discussion - TV entertainment and drama and mental health stigma



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Aug 18, 2008
Research discussion - TV entertainment and drama and mental health stigma

Dear All,

We're doing some research to explore the impact that TV drama and entertainment has on attitudes towards mental health and stigma. We'll be running focus groups up and down the country with a range of people - some who have and some who haven't had direct experience of mental health problems.

We'd like to start the process by talking to people who have had experiences of mental health problems. This would involve meeting in central London for about 1.5 hours and talking informally and confidentially about your views and perceptions of TV drama and entertainment. This will be on Thursday, 17th December in central London.

The discussion will help us to shape the rest of the focus groups and give us an idea of the kind of portrayals on TV (entertainment and drama) that you find worthy of looking at.

The meeting will be on the 17th December at the Kings Fund, Cavendish Square, London. 2.30pm - 4pm.

The research is sponsored by SHIFT www.shift.org.uk

We've only a few places so those who express and interest will be told if there is a place for them very quickly after. Directions will follow. If you would like to take part or would like to know more, please send me a private message on this forum and i will respond.

Thank you for your help.

Director, KM Research



Thanks for the invitation, but am too far away and pretty immobile.
Hope all goes well. Best wishes