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Relying on marijuana?



Mar 26, 2015
Hey everyone,

So I just need some feedback and some advice if you wouldn't mind.

So for the past few months I've been smoking marijuana. I know a lot of people are gonna tell me it's a bad idea but is it really? I'm depressed most days and have been for as long as I can remember. I throw tantrums and I can't control myself. I can't control my emotions period. Doesn't matter mad, happy or sad. I'm all over the place. I have suicidal thoughts (not right now) and I self harm. I rock back and forth, I pull my hair, I hit myself and I throw myself in the floor. It's pretty bad sometimes, I'm like a child. Someone said no, I didn't get my way so I throw a tantrum. On top of all that my social anxiety is so bad. People make me more nervous then anything. When I'm around people sometimes I have panic attacks. I also have no self esteem, no confidence at all most times.

But when I smoke. It's like it takes it all away. I feel happy. My mind has cleared and stop racing. I can concentrate. Life's actually good for a while. I can talk to people better. Also I have severe stomach aches and migraines. It takes them both away.

I have seen a psychiatrist and therapist in my past. Several times actually. Every medication didn't work. I have a weak stomach and I get nausea easily. But if it wasn't making me sick it was making me worse or did nothing. (I haven't tried everything I know.) I'm frustrated with medications and came to conclusion that maybe they aren't for everyone.

Anyways if it's helping me this much I don't see it as a problem. (Except I rely on it so bad now.) What are your thoughts?
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Nov 25, 2014
I did it forr almost 15 years with I feel no severe detrimental effects to my mh. if its what you enjoy why not? the tobacco is far worse assuming thats how you use it. in fact coming off weed made my anger become so unbearable! I'd of stayed in my situation I just left albeit wanting out had I carri3d on and kept repressing it, the anger that is.
your obviously aware of the effects it can have, psychosis etc. just be aware if anything starts developing for you if not I am not one to judge you or its use of it :hug1: