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relive every detail. I just cant cope



New member
Oct 19, 2009
Hi Im new and thank you in advance for reading my post

I suffered a stress related nervous breakdown June last year. It was work related and I was off work for 8 months. I could not go back to my old job and am taking my ex employer to a tribunal for constructive dismissal. I dont need to go in to detail but he has been truely horrible. I had a stress related stammer for 5 months after my breakdown it was horrible.

I am still on anti depressants, I also take mood stabalisers and Im in a blooming mess.

My tribunal is in 2 weeks and ever since my breakdown I have relived everything that happened just before and after, conversations I had with my boss I keep reliving it over and over again. I just want 1 night where I dont go through it.

I was supposed to have my tribunal in June and 2 days before it was cancelled. I was a mess I had a panic attack, my stammer came back it was awful im so scared of facing my boss. I have avoided going out so I dont see him I go to work and come home and thats it. I am truely terrified of seeing him again but I do not have a choice. (i wont go into detail but I have to go to court)

sorr for waffling but what on earth do I do? I have made an appointment with my GP but honestly I dont know what he will do or say. I feel like someone who has had a car crash and being asked to get in the car again after a year and a half. Can you develop like PTSD from something like this? Do you think my GP will be able to give me anything to cope with court. I am absolutely terrified.

Thank you for reading



Well-known member
Jul 15, 2009
Hi Becci, :welcome: to the forum. I'm sorry to hear you've been having such a rough time. I'd certainly tell your GP how you're feeling and he may be able to prescribe you something to help you cope, not only with court but hopefully with day-to day living as well.

Wishing you all the best, keep talking here if it helps.


New member
Jan 5, 2010
Reliving every detail

Hi there, I know it is a couple of months since you posted your thread but i wanted to reply anyway. I had a breakdown in February last year and have been coping and I am glad to say, recovering from anxiety. My anxiety brought out my deepest, most rooted fear and to be quite honest battered me with it! To some people, if I explain to them what this fear is, they think it is quite unremarkable but I realise that it has patterned most of my life. I have relived the breakdown and everything that went with it since but it is now more manageable and I hope that one day I will be able to say that it is a distant memory (I am waiting for counselling). What I am trying to say is that fear, from whoever and whatever cause, can grip you and not let go and this in itself is shocking. All the stress and anxiety you are feeling is compounding and getting larger and it must be difficult for you as at the time of your post you had no closure due to the tribunal being cancelled. You can cope with this and you have to take one day at a time and not look for this pain to go away quickly. It will leave you but it will take time. I hope that your tribunal has now happened and that you have some closure but if you haven't yet then keep, keeping on. Take care.

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