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Relentless Psychosis



Sep 5, 2009
Bristol, UK
My doctors and my family are telling me that I am deluded, I dont believe any of them any more. I have been stalked harrassed, lied to, lied about, slandered, tortured, abused, violated in every way that it is possible to violate a human being, and it is still not over for me. I have been drugged, and it didnt work, which is hardly surprising seeing as I do not have a mental illness, people are just telling me I do, for their own sick amusement. Drugging me stole three years of my life, and I am indescribably pissed off with my doctor I dont want to work with him I want to sue him. I am at the end of human tolerance, I have taken all the abuse that a person can take, it does not get more personal or destructive than the abuse that I have taken. I wrote a book about my experience and my stalkers stole the book and violated my copyright, they are stealing my website from me as well, and I dont know what to do anymore, I want to be treated like I am a human being, and it just looks like its never going to happen. please feel free to read my website and tell me what you think, either by emailing me, or replying to posts on this forum, I need some feedback from someone and dont know who to trust anymore. I need to break this thing somehow, and dont know what is going to work for me except taking control, but there are plenty of barriers to me taking contol, every day is a fight for survival now.



Hi James,

I am sorry to hear you are going through so much suffering at the moment. I did take a look at your website this morning, but I guess I am still a bit in the dark about the specific events that happened to you, or as to who may be doing this to you and why. However it may have been that I didn't get to read all of it and missed some bits out.

Perhaps writing a journal on here can offer some help to you.
I hope you find this forum a supportive place to be. If we can not help we can at least offer a friendly ear.

Take care

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