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Relationships with voices and the desire for telepathy



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Sep 12, 2016
Is the human mind something that can be played with? Regardless of voices coming from the mind or outside of it, is there still an element to human consciousness that can be played with? That isn't me? That has some sort of existence you can have a relationship with? For example entertaining voices by telling jokes into white noise. I like to try to sing songs and tell jokes into the white noise of my radio. It feels like I am with an outside force when I do this. Is this type of 'relationship' with voices pleasing to you? I find voices to be both pleasing and terrifying at times.

Perhaps it is some people's desire to have a relationship like voices with real people, example people believing in telepathy over there white noise because they want a relationship to hang out with there thoughts? What do you think?


Well-known member
Jul 8, 2013
The Prancing Pony
Some folk do desire for telepathy. It is a spiritual power. I guess some folk are confused where they are. At the minute we are incarnate on the Earthly realm. Technically it is a spiritual realm, but the vibration is so low that we do not have direct access to our spiritual powers.
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