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Relationships at work



I have been out with a guy at work for over a year, but decided I could no longer deal with all the hassles of his life so ended it. Due to me suffering from depression I did not get the relief of ending the realtionship as I had hoped and I guess his friendship was more importnat to me than his love. The trouble is now I have to see him at work everyday and it is really not helping my recovery. I am lucky in the sense that more people talk to me and I have their support, but I am just not sure why my heart still hurts when it was me who wanted out. I deserved to be treated better than that so I should forget the past. I just do not know how to deal with seeing him. I just ignore him which hurts but thats all I can do.



Talk to us on here and get him out of your system. There will be someone else, although just now it may not seem lke it. Crushes can be painful but they go away.:hug:


New member
Apr 27, 2009
I really feel sorry for Yorkshiremare because I know the situation you are currently in only too well. It is always hard to break up with someone and therefore I show respect for your courage to end the relationship. It is hard to see him every day but the good news is that it will get better from time to time. You will find someone new. You have to keep up for a while. :hug:


May 2, 2009
SweetMaisie is right. It is very hard when you decide to break up with someone. You were going out for a year which is a fair while. But from what you say, you made the right decision. So stand your ground and feel good that you took responsibility.

I'm glad you have supporters, as it must be hard facing your former guy every day. I don't know how you can best deal with that, apart from turning up and doing the best you can every day. I hope the man was respectful of your wish to move on.

All the best to you Yorkshiremare. I'm also working through feelings about having ended a relationship. It's equally painful for both people I reckon.
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