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Relationship Separation Anxiety



New member
Aug 31, 2020
Hello, I just wanted to start this thread for people like me who get really bad separation anxiety when they are not with their significant other.

I have been dating my boyfriend for almost 2 years and we are very happy together. Having separation anxiety is something I have also struggled with in other relationships but I am really tired of it and want it to stop. Its almost like a switch, I feel fine until my boyfriend and I have to leave each other. My head gets full and I get so tearful. I feel like I’m losing control of everything. Once he leaves I feel like I can’t do anything but cry. If anyone has any good coping mechanisms, please let me know. I recently started journaling and that has helped a little bit.

If anyone can relate and wants to chat, I would be more than happy to. :)


Sep 1, 2020
London, UK
Hi lovely, oh do I know what you're talking about. I hope you're alright. Have you ever done any research on codependency in romantic (and other) relationships? It may not be useful to you but it helped me a lot dealing with similar feelings in my relationship of now five years.

What I've otherwise found really helpful is being aware of what makes *me* happy independently of my partner. What did you enjoy before you met? Did you have any particular hobbies, friends you liked to see, interests you liked to be involved in? For me, I've always loved reading and art and those are things I used to give up to be with my boyfriend instead. Just doing those things - even if you don't feel like it - can help you feel a bit more like your own person again, or at least that's what I've found.

Hope you're well and please take care of yourself x

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