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Relationship Anxiety



New member
Aug 1, 2014
Hi People,

Im a person who have been struggling with anxiety for quite long time. Though the last year was the best since too long as my anxiety was at its lowest level during this year.

What happened lately is that i started feeling too anxious about a girl im in a long distance relationship with since 4 years. During those four years we were on and off for many times but things tend to get serious the last 2 months and we started thinking about taking the next step.

I was fine with this at the beginning and feeling happy that i found the girl i really want although there are alot of major differences between us. Though, i’ve smoked hash lately and ever since i did that i felt that somehting was triggered from my subconscious that have caused me to be anxious about all of those differences between us and giving me the light headed feeling which i hate the most and making me struggle maintaining the relationship although im sure i love this girl and wanna keep her and make sure i dont get her hurt.

Any tips and advices on how to deal with that in a way that will not result in loosing her and gaining the interest i had about her before.

Thanks in advance for the help and support


Well-known member
Feb 16, 2019
Long distance is hard and easy to get anxious over.

Smoking hash can really fuck your mind over, enhance anxieties that aren't justified. Sure it can offer some insight as well but chances are it just gives you doubts and anxieties that have no reason to be there.

Maybe you simply aren't as interested as you once was. You can't force love but you sure can fuck it up with drugs.

If you wanna have best chances, stay clean and once your mind settles stay honest