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relashonship issue ?


well being

I have been married twice and have 2 children from the first who dont contact try to contact me and its been over a year now, I married again and took on 2 children, youngest is ok , eldest well we dont see eye to eye, i believe my wife has issues but she says she has dealt with them ? I have left her some 20 times and still she wants me back and so i return, she now has said she has been having an affair, when i ask her why she has said this she said she just wanted to see how i reacted, and friends have said she does manipulate. I have been to the doctor to see if i have a mental problem, as i keep walking out on her because i cant cope with the lies , she refuses to admit she is doing any wrong, yesturday after i cooked the evening meal, dished up , sat down she said could you make me a fried egg, i said pardon, she said only jokeing, followed by double take, there is loads of this type of behavior and i feel she is begining to control me and dominate me to the point i am wait for her to tell me what to do next, she now has said you show me know love or effection, is this something you should be able to turn off and on like a tap, I Dont think so.

please help how should i react to this, as im told by her, running away makes things worse for her.

please advise

well being?


Mar 8, 2010
Hey i am messed up too, so i might not be the best person to give advice, but i was disheartened to see no one else had bothered to reply to your message.
From what i have read u sound perfectly sane, it is her that is screwed up! Get out now! Stay out. It sounds like she has no interest in working things out, she just wants a slave.
Hope your ok???


Well-known member
Dec 6, 2009
It doesn't sound like she's dealt with her issues at all. Has she mentioned what it is she's supposedly dealt with? It sounds more manipulative and malevolent than anything. Does she show any other symptoms which would indicate a MH issue? How long were you with her until she started acting like that, if you don't mind me asking?

From a personal opinion, I wouldn't put up with that, I'd walk. I'm sure a number of people here will be a bit more understanding than me but from what you've outlined without further info I'm seeing this as simply emotional abuse on her behalf.

Why be in a relationship if you are going to feel miserable, manipulated and unable to trust your partner?