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Relapse Prevention



Mar 21, 2015
I've had really hard times getting back up on my feet after I've harmed myself, especially when I've been able to go a year or two without doing it. I found this post helpful with some good ideas for getting back up on your feet.


I'm looking for more ideas about what to right after I self harm and I'm feeling guilty. I mean, in the long run, I feel like I know what to do...It's just for the day or so after I've self harmed, it's really hard to move on and not hate myself. Anyone have any? :confused:
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Hello, I would do mindfulness training. It works wonders, I used to hurt myself and haven't for the last two months. Haven't even had the urge to. Used to just do it and not feel able to stop myself. The therapist who guides me said that a lot of people who self harm find success in this way. D xxxxxxx
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