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Relapse chance - any advice?



New member
Mar 6, 2019
So I've been clean of self harm that scars for over a year now, but the recent stresses of uni and caring for my partner have made relapsing very tempting as none of my current coping methods feel sufficient. I used to only scar my hips to keep it hidden, but now that i have a partner that sees them regularly I'm not sure what to do. They've got worse mental health issues than me and I'd hate to trigger them if they noticed I'm starting again.

I know finding something healthier to do is the most obvious solution but nothing I've tried can calm me down and help me focus the same way. I have no-one to talk to given me partner is the only person I am close to and I cant risk discussing any of this with them for their sake. I've tried medication and professional help on the past but with no real results.

Any advice is appreciated. At this point I'd love nothing more than a friend...
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