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relapse and recovery


quality factor

What are the first signs you notice of a relapse and then recovery??

Personally, I know I going in to relapse when I begin to lose interest, sit about, racing thoughts,can't sleep etc.
All these things usually 'come back', with recovery and I begin to feel happier about myself, play my music again, want to walk Harri (my dog), housework , socialise etc.



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Jun 15, 2008
North West
Relapse: sensory overdrive, problems getting to sleep, sleep paralysis, racing thoughts, feeling like I'm screaming inside, needing to express all thoughts and feelings, agitation, little interest in food. When I'm becoming depressed on the other hand: real difficulties in getting out of bed, no interest in anything - complete apathy, not wanting to be around people, dull and numb feeling, again agitation and internal screaming

With recovery it's a bit like you - the signs, symptoms, thoughts and feelings gradually dissipate