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Sep 18, 2010
In Devon
I am a sometimes part of the Recovery Devon initiative, which has about a ten year history but which is now moving into a new phase.

RD has just finalised a partnership between itself, Rethink and the Devon Partnership Trust, with major funding.

There are some exciting new proposals including the advent of a development worker for RD ( 18 hrs per week). They want a Service User to take the post.

You can get onto the site at
to see what is going on, and you can play a part in the shaping of the service by your involvement with it.
So far this has been very Exeter based, but I am looking to encourage people from all over Devon to get involved. For anyone interested, add your email and contact those listed on the site.

There is a meeting of Recopvery Devon at St Leonards Churach Hall, Topsham Rd, Exeter at 10.15am this Friday - it would be good to see some new faces. Expenses ( travel ) can be claimed. There is a half hour get to know you after wards at about 12, with refreshments.

You can pm me if you want more info.....


Good for you maxi. Unfortunately I am now pretty well housebound so can't get up to Exeter. But I wanted to thank you for your comments about the Childrens Home. I have written to the Justice people about this. I have been a carer of a son who suffers from Schizophrenia for over 30 years. He is a lovely chap and very artistic, but still needs care, and I am getting to that stage as well(osteoarthritis). I moved from Cornwll to Devon to be near to my other son, hoping the sch one would come too, but he has a lady friend and shares his time between us.This is his official home. She has an obsessional disorder, and is pretty agrophobic. My son could not hold down a "propper job" but works a lot at home with painting, woodwork, and helping his brother with the garden.WE just have to keep fighting! I resigned from Rethink as I felt they were too political, and I think the present Government is having a job in getting things back in order. As usual the mentally ill are at the bottom of the list! Strength to your elbow. I am always ready to be contacted on the Mental Health Forumas a listener, and hopefull give some support that way. Maudikie.