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Recovering from Long time sleep deprivation, but...



May 22, 2018
Hello i am a 26 year old guy who has been struggling with anxiety since i was about 12 and it gradually became worse over the years (i kept it to myself and tried to be brave which i encourage not to do), but one year ago i started to try to make changes in my life to try to improve it.

The past year has been a lot about finding more calm moments in my life, eating heathier, working out and most importantly fixing my horrible sleep quality.

Some areas of my journey has been more successful than others, but it is one thing that is keeping my motivation pretty low and that is why i am reaching out here to see if other people has experienced something similar?

My sleep quality the past two years has been extremly bad and i still do not understand why i did not colapse at least one time because of it. At my worst month it felt like i got zero sleep and my brain felt pretty useless which really sucks because i used to be good at math and i really enjoyed challenging myself with stuff similar to that.

So moving forward to today: I have slept a lot better the past month and the past week i have sleept about the normal amount an average person should sleep, But i kind of find it equally hard to concentrate or to do anything really compared to how i felt like a month ago.

Ok so i wont be supernegative :) i have experienced some changes, but i still feel extremly tired and my brain feels so damn dull... I would love to get a job, but as i am today i would not be able to preform well enough... When i try to "push" myself and be more awake then i feel on the inside i end up like a zombie just in a few hours or less than that.

So i am just very interested to hear if anyone has recovered from many years of very poor sleep and kind of how long it takes to get to a moderate functional level? I have done some research online, but i can only find samples where people has had bad sleep for a month or so.

It is probably worth mentioning that i have been diagnosed with severe depressen, but i was diagnosed when i had very very poor sleep so i am kind of still hoping that the fun in life will come back eventually

Probably a lot of spelling errors here and perhaps i should have used more commas, but give me a break xD


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Dec 26, 2015
Hey jonas that is amazing that you are doing these things. it takes a complete life style change to start to change and that takes a wee while.

What I have and still do is keep a journal of how I am, not every day mind. But you have to be careful with journals that it doesn’t become a bleak negative of stuff. But it can help if you don’t do the negative in fact I have had various insights, oh sure there is a bit of the negative but I do my utmost to see the silver lining such as it is lol.

And yeah sleep, food and exercise are key to maintaining a steady mental health but it takes discipline and a kind of long distance running most folk sprint and abandon the race.

Ok with sleep you will have to stick at it as a way of life I guess. Its also important to get up at a similar time as well as go to bed at a similar time within reason. My sleep has always been a bit temperamental. Used to take me hours to get to sleep even as a child. So for me sleep hygiene is so important but yeah I do struggle but its manageable.

Lol speluling errors its only cos I type messague on word that it is reaosnalbely ok lol as the spell check on the forum is pants!!.