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Recognising anxiety



Feb 8, 2021
New here and Id to talk about anxiety 😕

From as young as I can remember, the first time finding out about mental health disorders and the importance of keeping our brains as healthy as our bodies, ive always thought anxiety was just "another emotion" or something that comes and goes when we are worried about something.

However, amongst growing up around smoking weed and smoking it everyday since about 16 years old, amongst trauma from ex relationships, feelings of insecurity and shyness about myself and especially this pandemic and realisation of the dying world i have found myself feeling "anxious" far too often. The anxiety overpowers any thought i may try to distract it with as ultimately its the most poignant. It has me feeling saddened and extremely alone, like being in a blacked out room with silence.

Most recently, i have recognised the impact anxiety has been having on my physical state and my reality. For example, i have always been a clean person but i find myself cleaning all the time and wont feel "settled" until the environment around me is to a good standard of cleanliness. Its a repeat routine that i cant break out of or stop worrying about. I have also found that i find it more difficult to speak to people, even people ive known all my life. I dont know what to say, fear i have nothing to contribute and self indulge in negative feelings about myself that affect the conversation and connection. I am slowly feeling that i am becoming more and more apart from myself rather than finding me. I am in my early 20s and i struggle to stick to hobbies even if i get really excited about them. I just turn my phone on and distract. I sleep a lot and worry all the time. I worry about the future, the present and myself and others. I NEVER feel 100% settled. I worry that i have no friends anymore because i cant see them and havent spoken in ages. I worry i have no personality and have no idea who i am and find it extremely difficult to motivate myself to find out. I feel stupid all the time (brain dead) and dumb.

Does anyone else share similar experiences? And how do some people combat this increasingly dreadfull feeling?

Thank you for listening and i look forward to talking to you guys :)


Feb 1, 2021
Hey are you still smoking weed?
I do & had to stop for ages cos the minute the THC hit,
I`d be an Anxious,Paranoid mess.
It doesn`t do anything for your self-esteem either &
makes you lethargic & unmotivated (me anyway)
My Sister had to dump the love of her life as he was so inward,
& never wanted to do anything.
Just a thought..not knocking you for it,as I say,I smoke it..
I need it,it helps with my Anxiety now & I quit booze 6 months ago,
so it helps.

To help Anxiety attacks i just get in my cosy spot,with maybe
some chilling music.Try & get back in the moment & breathe.
ASMR is excellent to put in YouTube,if you have ever heard of it.


Feb 8, 2021

Thanks for replying.

I do still smoke weed but no where as much as i used to.

I am the same and sometimes when i smoke, with new people or on my own i get instantly paranoid. I have taken breaks before which has helped but the anxiety is still prominent. My partner smokes weed quite regularly so its sometimes hard to resist. I feel the same with motivation ans feeling dosy.

I think this is a major factor in my health and i will be trying to quit.

Thanks for the help :)


Feb 1, 2021
I have no intentions of quitting just cutting down..
I need to use my vape more lol!!

All I am sayin is maybe smoke weekends or few nights
a week,whatever..or say you can`t have one till 5pm..
That`s a start..
I know what you mean though,I tried for ages to quit booze,
but my son was staying here drinking,so I had to wait.
Hard when you can smell it etc on other people.
All I know is when I nearly had a breakdown,I couldn`t
touch it,even though I had some.
So if you are highly anxious,the THC will make it a lot worse.
So maybe use it when you are a bit more chilled,if you
get me 🙂
I smoke it so much I am just used to it,so I can go from
lay on sofa all happy,to running around the park with my Greyhound 😁

Anyway glad you found somewhere you can open up about it.
It really does help!
Just try & be a bit more stricter with yourself,like say you can have
a treat like a nice coffee or beer but only after you have done a certain
amount of chores etc..
Good luck & sorry to waffle 😁
Wake & bake 🙄 😎
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