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Received offer of housing - need advice



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Jul 3, 2015
North East of Scotland
Hello to all the lovely forum people, long time no see.

Today, after years of waiting (and applying) I have received an offer of housing in another city, with a viewing arranged for Friday.

Which would be amazing and great, had I not been diagnosed with cancer and I am currently undergoing chemotherapy treatment which is scheduled to last for another 6 to 8 weeks or so, with regular hospital visits and stays.

I am not sure what my rights are in terms of this offer, do I have to give them a yes or a no immediately, can I ask that they hold on to the property whilst I carry on with my treatment if I do decide to take it. Surely there should be some protection that I am not discriminated against on health grounds?

I understand that I should probably travel to view the property before I decide either way, although I am currently unable to drive and feel super nauseated - I don't know if I can even manage the 5 hour drive there and back to get to the viewing.

I have emailed the housing association officer that got in touch and briefly explained that I am having treatment, but maybe I should've mentioned that even getting to the viewing might be too much for me. I'd hate to pass up on this opportunity but my health has to come first.

Any advice would be welcome.