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Recalling a trauma in chidhood



New member
Feb 11, 2020
United Kingdom
Hi there,

I just wondered if anyone had an experience of trying to recall a trauma in childhood.

I am now in my 20's and have recently started getting flashbacks about an event when I would've been around 4-5 however the memory is not complete and therefore I feel really confused. Is this a true memory? something has always been there but its like my mind is now trying to give me hints. I feel like I cant trust myself... have I made this up in my head as others have been suggesting.

I have a complex history of mental health and have diagnosed depression, anxiety, BPD and PTSD for a separate event (or so I thought).

Its really started effecting me recently, when I manage to grab some sleep I have dreams and some are so bad I end up wetting myself which is embarrassing to admit. During the event in question I have a clear memory of a particular children's film being on in the background and when this has come on in my adult life it brings on a panic attack or makes me vomit and I cannot even stomach seeing it or the characters in it.

I just feel very confused, I have been put on a waiting list to see a psychiatrist and told I will likely be put on a waiting list for EDMR and its and the list is 8-12 months long.

If anyone has any information I wondered if they could reply or message me, its very complex and I don't know if I can trust my own brain anymore!



Well-known member
Jul 8, 2019
hi CC25 :welcome:

sounds like a real experience to me
not a made up one
there are lots of different types of therapy

I would have thought you would need
some straightforward classical talking therapy
like rogerian or something
or a counselling psychologist
before seeing a psychiatrist or ' edmr '

maybe suggest that to the pshyciatrist
is my opinion



Well-known member
Feb 3, 2020
That is very complex and although I have had a similar experience. It wasn't from when I was young. I'm still dealing with it. Is there any photos of you around that age? It might help to look at them.
Why are others telling you that you've made this up? Does it involve them or someone they're close to?
You're having an extreme reaction to this children's film, it seems to me that whatever you're remembering is real. Either way, you're being negatively affected so I'm glad you're on a list to see a psychiatrist. Good luck.


Well-known member
Jun 11, 2017
Hi there @CC25

I'm sorry for what you're going through,I do definitely understand.

As my therapist told me,whether it's real or not,it's still affecting you and needs to be dealt with. Also though,people don't have flashbacks to things that haven't happened.

Your mind will allow you to remember all the details when you're ready to handle it and deal with it.

I'm glad you're going to see a psychiatrist and have EMDR,but I'm sorry you have to wait so long.