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Reassurance goes a long long way in recovery



Well-known member
Apr 7, 2014
South East
I look back at so many times when I have been extremely unwell and the most important thing for myself during those periods is for others to say to me, you are an ok person and if not tomorrow's another day, then next week is another week, next month etc.

Unfortunately, at these times like I guess most on here, have not got a great deal of reassurance from all and sundry during these periods.

But when I have periods where I am feeling ok being me, these are the times when the reassurance from all and sundry is not so necessary for me, yet I tend to get it anyway.

I was in a deep deep slump for a very long time, but firstly through being on here and then actually reaching out in real life and eventually taking a few risks again, have realised nothing beats real life friends around.

I just thought I would post this, as to anyone who is feeling completely alone. Please be reassured you are not. I feel if you are reaching out on here, then that is the first step and I hope and pray that that will also lead to real life supporters in real life situations, who can provide comforting words which go a long long way.

Best wishes and hugs. We all need to feel the love at times, most definitely.



Well-known member
Aug 17, 2012
The West Country
Ah that's a lovely post. :)
And I agree, even just a little bit of support can go a very long way. I think the same could be said of those without mental health issues even.
If you know that you've got someone on side and who lets you know they value you, it really helps you to keep fighting and wanting to get better. x