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Reasons why I can't work



Well-known member
Jan 24, 2015
Remember none of this might be true, it is all just speculation.

Theories to why I can't work

A genuine mental illness, this mental pain that stops me working

Is the reason, that I can not work, because I been hypnotized to not to?

Has some substance been used on me, to stop me working?
A conspiracy?

This was done to me by my father, so that I could not help my mother. So by not helping my mother, this makes life hard for her. So my father get's sadistic pleasure out of doing this?

So that I could not be independent and successful, which means in return, I could not protect my mother and take her away from him? I could be wrong.

My father was jealous of me and did not want me to succeed in life? I could be wrong.

So I was a threat to my father's power and dominance over my mother. I was the only one getting in the way. So this was done to me. I was made mentally ill, so that I could not work. A conspiracy.

Remember, these are just my ideas, but it doesn't mean they are true.


Active member
Jan 28, 2016
Your mind plays a very important role in your whole being...Whatever you would want to think of yourself would greatly affect your personality and how you live your life. What you are thinking might be true or not. Try to talk to the people who love you and be able to help you on the matters that you can't handle and decide by yourself.
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