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Rearranging words (OCD)



New member
Jan 18, 2011
Hello. In the past year or so I have been doing a strange thing with words; I am dividing them up into symmetrical parts and rearranging them. For example, with the word "Anxiety":
  • Rearranged it becomes Antyxie
  • Rearranged it becomes Anietyx
  • Rearranged it becomes Anyxiet
  • Rearranged it becomes Anetyxi
  • Rearranged it becomes Anxiety
This is so constant that I can't read a book or watch something on TV without rearranging words in my head.
What is this and how can I stop this from happening so much?


Well-known member
Jan 4, 2011
Similarly when I read a book, watch tv etc. I will dissect the meanings/usages of words. Oddly this is actually helpful because I can determine lots of words meanings simply based on where I've seen their root words before.

My take, just try no to let it bother you.
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