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Really worried about someone dying.



New member
Feb 12, 2015
For a few months now I have been really paranoid about this one person dying. It's got to the point now where if they are offline on facebook for a while, if they don't reply to my messages fast or they don't do what they usually do I get really paranoid and start wondering if something bad has happened to them. This is making me feel very anxious and not letting me enjoy life as much as I used to. Any ideas why I feel this?


Well-known member
Aug 17, 2012
The West Country
Hi and welcome to the forum.

I'm wondering if there are any circumstances that are making you feel like this about the person. I mean, are they ill? Is there a reason for you to be concerned?

I'm also wondering if you've had a falling out with this person? That might sound like an odd question, but i've felt this way when i've fallen out with somebody - perhaps due to an irrational fear that i'll never see them again and not being able to come to terms with that.

Also, do you suffer with anxiety and worry more generally?

Sorry to ask loads of questions, it's just your post is a bit vague. :)


New member
Feb 12, 2015
Not really any reasons to be honest, I have never really felt this way to anyone else previously. We have just become "more than friends" over the past few months, and the thought of loosing him makes me almost cry.

We never really fall out, and even if we do, it's only for a couple of hours until we are back to normal. I worry that I will never see him again mainly because I have never felt this way for anyone else before. I'm usually quite an emotionless person, but it feels like all the nice emotions I don't feel for anyone else I feel for him.

I used to have OCD about 5 years ago which made me very anxious, but usually now I just go through life worry free. But I worry for him more than anyone else I know.
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