Really starting to consider this a possibility



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May 5, 2019
I was first diagnosed with EUPD, well diagnosed with a question mark. After digging deeper complex PTSD made more sense. Although they are both so similar.

The reason I am questioning this again is how I've been lately. How I was, was a reaction to somebody else and their mood. Which could very well be, and it makes sense, that I was triggered by their mood which caused me to react and dip how I did.

It's so confusing. I feel right now that I overreacted and blew it all out of proportion in my own mind. Although, I didnt. It was as bad as I felt it was. But now things have calmed down, I'm feeling a lot calmer and positive and find it hard to view the situation how I did 3 days ago.
From wanting to cut contact with someone to feeling positive in seeing how things go now that they're calm. Just seems like a drastic switch to me.

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