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Really having problems over the last few days


Lab rat

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Feb 6, 2020
Positive symptoms... ok
Negative symptoms... ok
Cognitive symptoms... out of control

you won’t be able to spot my problem through my writing, I have time... I can reread, edit, think and rewrite. So it doesn’t show in my writing. But I really have big problems with the cognitive side of sz. Even my wife, I can’t communicate with. I suffer really bad with jumbled thoughts and formal thought disorder (yeah, I had to google it, my dr did not explain it well)

I don’t know if it’s the sz or the meds that’s causing it. My dr has got really concerned about it. I seem to talk in loops, not at all or hop subjects. Sometimes I’m aware of it but just not fast enough to stop it. Sometimes I think I’m making sense, but it’s gibberish. Thank goodness I can write ok, because my job depends on that!

im scared to death that they’re going to stop my meds because of this. If I miss so much as one dose, my mind speeds up, I think so fast that I overtake myself.

ive not been locked up for ages, and I’m too old for all that crap. But if they cut my meds that’s normally where it ends up going.


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Aug 1, 2014
HI Lab rat,

Are you under a GP or p-doc, pshychartry doctor?

If it is GP, you are under, as well, I would go back to them, and they might be able to get a referral done, to p-doc. If it is the latter, and they are, what they are this is, they should be able to write up something suitable for you to take along side, of the med I was just reading about, you were just talking about in your post just now.

I do agree, you can't afford to miss a dose.

I am wondering whether if youi might benefit for some speech therapy to assist you for this.

Just a thought.

Do let us know how you'll get on, I'd be interested to hear.

Best regards.

Lab rat

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Feb 6, 2020
Thanks Natalie.

I’m under a pdoc, the gp washed their hands of me years ago. It’s all appointments over the phone now, and my pdoc really struggles with English. It took me 15 mins once to describe to him what a kitten was! I had to google for pictures in the end 😡 so as you can understand, I have little to no faith in my pdoc.


Feb 3, 2020
London, Uk
I agree. Meds for sure. I can also relate but, thankfully you have control and awareness.

The strategy would be to adjust. Any new impulses. Just write about it as that is your greatest weapon.

Even if it affects part of your speech or composition of words. Maintain communication with your wife.

With time. All communication will be balanced and restored.

Right now your family needs you with them. And not anywhere else.

My biggest questions would be?

Are you eating well? And how has your sleep pattern been as of the last 72 hours?

Any stresses recently or triggers? And how is your hydration? If for example you get tired of water with ice, you could eat crushed ice. Hospitals use that to lower your temperature and calm stress.

Eating crushed ice, takes a lot of effort and thus centers your mind for the moment.

Lastly. See if you can arrange like a monopoly night. Connect 4. Uno etc. Just to burn un used energies. And maybe plan a cook out around your game night. Or movie night.

My only concern is the meds. That can be adjusted by changing doctors. When ever possible. Older doctors are best. Lady if available.

I pray for your speedy recovery. God Bless you and your beautiful family.

Any updates. Please write at any time.

Have a blessed evening.

On Fire

THE MANDALORIAN are you from the future? Have you time travelled back to 2020 just to give us advice about schizophrenia?


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Sep 7, 2020
THE MANDALORIAN are you from the future? Have you time travelled back to 2020 just to give us advice about schizophrenia?
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