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Real or perceived paranoia?



New member
Jul 1, 2008
I'm a recent diagnosed bipolar I. I also have a hx of OCD and depression. About 2 weeks ago, I changed from Seroquel 75mg qPM to Equetro 200mg qPM. But, now I'm having problems again w/ paranoia....but, I'm not sure if it's real or my brain.

Anyone else feeling paranoid while taking Equetro or changing from Seroquel? I feel like I always have to keep my mouth shut while talking with my wife, or anyone else I may not agree with at the moment.

BTW - I was having psychotic ideations (suicidal thoughts, aggressiveness, etc) while on Seroquel - hence the change to a different Rx.

Thanks in advance for any insights!
lucid scream

lucid scream

Well-known member
Jan 22, 2008
Looking down from the bridge
its real to you. thats something someone told me not long ago to make things simpler. reality IS perception. whatever you think is real is real.

onto the meds, i dunno, i take seroquel for the paranoia and delusions, some days it works better than others. whatever you take it will take a few weeks to work well.