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i dont know if you ever heard this i have ocd but not from the usual things you always hear i have a big ocd and a big big big fear that i will lose my mind.
i'm a funny person that laugh a lot (even i'm not happy) also i dont act like other people always i'm special even in my clothes style always people tell me oh you are crazy!! and i never care about there saying but last night my brother said it and i can see in his face he mean it he really think i'm crazy and i have mental problem!!
i read somewhere that crazy people dont know they are crazy they think there are so normal and i really think i'm ok but i have that fear what if they r right? or what if i lose my mind in the future? i dont do drugs and never ever smoke before! can people really lose there minds with no reason?????? or there is always a reason ??
i'm in a big big fear and for example when i think about something i liked before and now i dont like it i tell my self omg i'm losing my mind or when i noticed that the way i act is so different from before like i was so calm and serious and now i'm 31 and i laugh and act like a 15 years old boy i got that fear of omg im losing my mind i'm becoming an other person.help me can that happen? can people lose there minds without a reason???


You know most of the most famous camedians are as different, and strange behaving as anyone. They just live it, not hide it.