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Feb 3, 2010
hi i m 28 i m fed up of of always losing my money gambling its
> only feb 3rd but i ve blown my months wages already a nd haven t got money
> left to pay the bills.its getting me into arguements with my girl friend
> and family as i m lying to them why i need to lend money and its really
> affecting every 1 as i m suppost to be getting married in july.for the
> last 3 years i ve lost contacted with all my close friends and always make
> excuses not to go out when asked too, to be honest i m only really
> confortable when i m by myself or just with my girl friend alone in the
> house. i hate socalizing with people for some reason (even friends) i go
> out of my way not to see people and dont even bother going to football
> because i cant be asked to speak to people and football was my life.i ask
> to work nights in my job so i dont have to work or speak to any 1 then,i m
> so paranoide and always listen to every conversation that people have even
> if there not in the same room i dont know why i do it but i ve been given
> a knick name because of it because people have noticed i do
> it.i m always stressed out of my head because of all of this and really
> dont know what to do,bar the gambling i dont think i ve got big issues
> (bar the paronoia i'd love to get rid of it)but dont know what to do?


Mar 1, 2010
Ur issues with Gamblin!

So sorry, u have issues resulting from ur gambling, must say I do sometimes play the markets and have lost money in the past and the only solution in dealing with all the problems and after effects that gambling brings lies deep within yourself and that thing is will power.

You really must be strong in the head and to get to this level you might need to a bit of reading on the subject. I cannot think top of my head, but there are some pretty good books out there that should help you with problems that stem from your gambling addiction.

Good luck


Oct 23, 2009
Bristol Uk
Ga - gamblers anonymous will have a profouund affect on your life , highly recommended, ,

it is not a religous cult, we work a 12 step program ,

see the website for local meeting