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Rapid Cycling? Mixed State?...



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Jan 13, 2013
Christ I feel terrible, I really don't feel well at all. No chance am I going back into that hospital, no, please, it's OK. I'm no harm to myself or others for that matter. Have never been any harm to others. The thoughts of harm to myself are 'just intrusive' I understand that much.

I laugh, I'm nearly in tears, plus I feel physically sick.

I'm sorry for this post.


Jan 30, 2014
Hey anouska, thank you for the support you gave on my thread, I would like to return the kindness, if you don't mind! Mixed states are the worst, Intrusive thoughts are hard to deal with, what I can do is recommend a book called "overcoming obsessive thoughts" which my therapist told me about, it's very good for helping to change your thought patterns, you can get it on amazon. Also, maybe try to write everything down you feel, so you can make sense of it, seeing it on paper has often, for me, made me realise there is other ways to think of a situation that are more positive. distraction works for me too...reading or zoning out watching a comedy or similar. :hug:


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Jan 3, 2014
NY State, USA
No need to be sorry. It sounds like you're feeling terrible, and that's what we're here for. I've been there, and it's highly unpleasant. I would urge you to at least see your pdoc. If you're coherent and somewhat rational, you (probably) won't be committed. But you need to find some way to stop the cycling of moods and the intrusive thoughts. I've always found medication to be helpful in that regard. Even if you don't want to stay on it, in the short term, it can break the cycle.

Be well, anouska.
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