Random thoughts please help!



Apr 19, 2019
Hello guys ive been diagnosed with anxiety for the past 2 year ive had many symptoms but no time to explain now , im very scared of the most recent one , i hear random thought in my head i know its thoughts its my own voice it used to happend only at night before sleep but now it happends every day , ive went multiple times to a psychiatrists he said i have severe anxiety and nothing else my family and everyone i know says the same that im fine and ok but i dont feel it i fear that im developing schizophrenia/psychosis does anyone have the same thing and whats ur diagnosis im very scared i find it hard to work and do my other things. I have depersonalization quite often too


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Aug 17, 2012
The West Country
Anxiety and depersonalization can be really scary, and they can have a big effect on your life.

I think that anxiety can also cause people to be scared that they may have other illnesses when they actually don't. I say this to try to reassure you and not to invalidate you.

Hearing voices is different from hearing your own inner voice or your thoughts. And so while I think that what you're experiencing is distressing and worrying you, the psychiatrist is right in that it isn't psychotic.

Has the psychiatrist offered you any kind of treatment at all for your anxiety?
It's not easy to cope with without some support.

Also wanted to say that anxiety makes depersonalization worse, and depersonalization can cause anxiety. You probably already know that but sometimes it's worth keeping that in mind when one takes over.