Radio four saved my life



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Apr 25, 2010
I was so alone and them i turned on to radio four for the company when i had p n d after last baby it was Like a friend and followed me around the house keeping me up to date with news and stories and womens hour now i am low again i listen on my mobile when i am panicing outside the house and when the kids at school . It gives me so much a current affairs and poetry i feel i would have died with it. I have converted many who come by latest being repair man he wanted to hear the end of story before he left!


big fan of radio way more intelligent than "tv " !!
Pity more folk get
sucked in to the drivel thay is on 24/7 ??
But then again it is personal taste ??


Some radio stations are more intelligent than TV, depends on the channel and the station... the DJ's on radio 1 and local stations can be quite annoying! I listen to Radio 4 occasionally, I'm a lot younger than the average listener but really if you're interested then you're interested. Occasionally it's a bit much for me when I'm feeling a bit dopey. I've always liked 6 music (heard it was going to be no more recently though.) I don't have TV myself but when I'm somewhere where there is one I like BBC 4 it's always got some cool music documentaries on in the evening. I watch South Park when I can too. Most other channels actually make me feel a bit strange they are so ridiculous. At the moment I completely overuse the computer... it's due to feeling stuck in and anxious but craving some sort of human contact. I used to hardly use it at all! I also spend quite a bit of time watching films.

Glad that you found Radio 4 such a comfort Rosepoet, it's always fantastic to have something nice that keeps you going.