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Quitting my job due to anxiety attacks



New member
Oct 1, 2018
So I've been having a lot of panic attacks lately due to anxiety at work, so I've decided to quit and work freelance. The only thing is I don't know how to tell them. I know you're supposed to give 2 weeks notice but I don't think I can. I've used up my sick days, but I was too scared to say it was because of my anxiety attacks so I said I was having migraines. It's a call center job and I've only been working there 2 months, so I think I'm just going to call and leave a message. I'm trying to be polite, but I don't know what to say. Any advice?


Well-known member
Apr 24, 2017
Hi there,

I think it's best if you give them the 2 weeks notice and see it out, otherwise there are legal issues that come into play regarding your contract. I know it's not what you want to hear, but be calm and professional about contacting either your manager, and then HR if neededx

Much love <3


Apr 12, 2018
Sorry to hear about this struggle. If you are worried about disclosing that you have anxiety, you can just say that you are having health problems right now. But if you hope to use this job as a reference for another job at any time in the future, you will definitely want to be professional in how you leave. So that generally means letting your supervisor know that you cannot continue to work at this time and asking them when your last day should be.
Is your anxiety specifically related to this job or work environment or has this been a problem with other jobs as well?