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Quit Job After 18 days. Left It Off CV. Advice Needed RE P45 and Future Employment

  • Thread starter My_Second_Chance
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Active member
Dec 15, 2017
London, UK
Hi All

Hope you are all well.

I left my long term job with my old company in December 2018. Most people knew that I was leaving to start a new job in a new company.

So I started the job after 18 days. It was a really bad job. (I posted a thread about it previously). I wasn't even willing to stick it out as I knew it was the wrong job. Thankfully I have savings so can cope for a while.

So after I left I got straight on voluntary work. This way, I can prevent any gaps on my CV and I can stay busy and motivated. I love working.

I decided to leave that job off my CV as I don't feel it's revelant to my career.

Anyway, since starting voluntary work - I am really enjoying it. It's really good. So I do need to start looking for paid work which I have been. I have offered a lot of job interviews.

I have been applying for jobs within my last company who I left in December 2018. I haven't added the new job on the application forms either.

However, one role I did apply and got an interview for. The Team Leader knows me and knows I left to start a new job.

So when I attended to the interview, that Team Leader had spoken to the Contract Manager. As soon as they both came into the interview, the very first question they asked "why did you leave our company and now coming back. Tell me about that". I found that a bit intimidating but I guess it's a natural asked question to ask. So I told them that I left. Started a new job and it wasn't the right job for me. I didn't want to paint the new employer as bad because I found it didn't look well. But I could see this manager in the interview didn't like what I was saying. Then she looked unimpressed when I informed I left that job. However, seemed to accept that I am doing voluntary work.

So then my P45 came through the door this morning for the new job that I left. It details the date I just left my last employment. If I leave the new job off my CV and application forms. The P45 for future employment will have details off the employer that I voluntarily quit with.

So my questions are:

1) Is it okay if I leave my new job that I have just left after working for 18 days off my CV?
2) If I do, how do I explain my reasons for leaving my new job especially when applying for new roles especially within my last long term employer? (It's unstandable they may ask why I left and now coming back just after one month ago after leaving)
3) If I do leave off my new job off my CV. How would and can this affect my P45 for future paid employment?
4) Is it better just to keep my short term job on my CV?


Well-known member
Jul 8, 2013
People do leave jobs after a short time. Sometimes you only find out what the job is like when you actually start. I did read your thread about your new job, it sounded awful. There is no harm in being honest about it. Like you say they will find out with the P45. Once you have got that next job, you can quite easily leave it off your CV.

Just approach the matter casually and matter-of-fact. These things happen in life.


Well-known member
Jan 30, 2019
Can u say u trialed for this job and found it didnt suit u? ' I had made a mistake deciding to take the role and work for this company, it was a learning curve' Its lying yes but why should u be in turmoil over a job that couldnt work out for u? Why should u be thinking the employer is always right and just. They arent. I know a few people with their own businesses. They look good and talk the talk but are nightmares in their expectations and demands on staff. I wouldnt work for them. Those with the title and in charge arent nec the smart ones. After what Ive seen I have little respect for most employers. You shouldnt worry.

Perhaps going to jobs with a view to seeing if they are right for u, not the usual way round is how to do it. Its what you need aswell, If you offered to work unpaid trial for a few weeks or while training it will not exist on a cv or p45 they will have got free labour, you will know whether you want to work for them officially.