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Quick...throw me a life line.



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Apr 22, 2008
Aaaaaraagh, going down again. I started to become manic a week and a half a go and had a glorious time, just felt so happy, full of life and was getting so much done. Then the following monday morning i came back down to earth with a rather big bump. Started to pick up last friday and had a bit of a stable weekend (just gone). everything was fine untill the early hours of this morning. Woke up at 4.00am soaked in sweet (not at all comfortable), and today feeling low and so tired again. I guess the only thing i can do is to maybe up temporarily up the meds again and monitor how thing go over the next couple of days. I really don't want to go down this road again as the last time it took six weeks to claw my way out of a depression.

I'm not being rude or ignorant today, I just can't think off a single peice of advice i could give to any one today :redface:


Oct 3, 2008
i try and tell myself, look, i am in control of this. and i'll surround myself with friends and family. my sister has children (my nieces) and they are so young and are really a light in my life.

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