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Quick question



New member
Nov 23, 2016
Ok so its not much of an introduction as some of you may already have seen it. Long story short, ill... short of help and never has any... finding out who I am. Anyway was wondering if anyone knew of anyway of speaking to specialists online or anything as I'm more confident when my identity is not disclosed and cannot be interrupted. Im too old for camhs now so that is no longer an option.


Nov 20, 2016
I'm pretty sure there's a few online counselling services and I think Samaritans also have an online chat option and they definitely do email correspondence. I get your concern about confidentiality and anonymity. A couple Google searches should let you find something that suits you but I do hope in time you would consider other options too, as I personally feel like there is only so much digital communication can do for you, but not at all meaning to invalidate it in the slightest. After all that's kind of what I'm here for too.

I hope you find what you're looking for.


Nov 27, 2016
I have used Beterhelp.com before which is anonymous and was very good 1-on-1 counselling, but it is expensive. The samaritans do have an email option which is free
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