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Quick part time work and s.s.i. Question



Hello there. Will I lose all my S.S.I. money if I work only part time? Like lets say 20 hours or less? I know I could lose them if I worked full time. I'm just not sure if working part time would cause me to lose them. I'm terrified of even looking for a part time job because of this. I can't survive on just part time income. So I hope it won't affect my benefits. Thank you. :peace:


Well-known member
Jul 8, 2013
You can generally work part time while you apply for Social Security disability benefits as long as your earnings don't exceed a certain amount set by Social Security each year. If you earn more than this amount, called the "substantial gainful activity" (SGA) limit, Social Security assumes you can do a substantial amount of work, and you won't be eligible for disability benefits. In 2018, the SGA limit is $1,180 per month (or $1,970 for blind applicants).

Can I Work Part-Time and Be Eligible for Social Security Disability? | DisabilitySecrets

Thank google. :)