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Quick overview of my long standing belief system.



Sometimes I can sense/see/feel/know that the devil is stood behind me.

The devil can place his evil spirits into human bodies including my body in order to do cruel/abusive and evil actions.

Somehow I sense and know when a person has an evil spirit within them. it's like a sixth sense and I feel sorry for that person.

However not all spirits are evil, ie ones not connected to the devil.


Well-known member
Sep 29, 2013
Christian religion has much to answer for... It is better, in my opinion, to see dark influences as a twisted aspect of the self that is manifesting in order to express something, an error we have made or a flaw in our way of expressing ourselves. It is like two sides of a coin, or two poles of a magnet. If you are open to it, these can attract good influences or bad influences from the consciousness world to you.