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Quick help needed



New member
Dec 14, 2014
Hi everyone , here is brief review of my problem
3 years back i fell in true love with someone who lives away from me. I had lots of feelings for her & i was very happy.However within a month she broke my heart, saying she was a teenager she was herself confused & asked me to remain friend. Howsoever difficult i remained her friend , But after months i was still struggling with heartache & finally i decided to leave her to heal myself. We were still in contact but only like distant friend . But then one day i heard she has cancer & my feelings grew very strong for her. She was diagnosed with cancer but i felt a connection that still exist & is very deep.
I can feel her pain & sadness , i keep thinking about her whole day & i miss her very much, Whenever i see her mesage or call i get very excited & happy.
Sometime i feel that maybe i love her , but when i ask myself do you want to marry her ? I say no because i realise i am still heartbroken. I have no commitment for her.
What kind of disorder is this ? Please help me urgently


Well-known member
Aug 17, 2012
The West Country
This isn't a "disorder" at all, in my opinion.
You are struggling with some very deep emotions and circumstances (the fact she's been diagnosed with cancer) are almost forcing you to face your feelings.
Whilst it must feel very painful for you, in my opinion, you're not mentally ill.

I think it's natural that you'd feel her pain and that you wish you could make her feel better.
However, I do think that it's important for you to focus on other things and to not allow this situation to take over.
There may be a danger of becoming a bit obsessed with her and feeling unhappy unless you're in contact with her. Which could result in you feeling very hurt.

I was wondering if you'd considered counselling at all? I think it might help you to talk to someone, and also to have somebody else there to help you keep focused so that you don't neglect other areas of your life.


New member
Dec 14, 2014
Ya thats correct. I have lost myself completely thinking about her.I feel hurt if i could not contact her , but she gets annoyed if i keep texting her too often .
I am mediating nowadays , I hope it will help me
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