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Quick coping tools for severe depression



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Mar 2, 2013
United Kingdom
So I haven't been onto MHF in a while. I used to use it now and again when I was going through some shit last year and it was helpful so I'm back to again to ask for some good old community support. I basically have some form of depression (specifically un diagnosed) and I'm seeing a psychiatrist in a few weeks to probably get on a better treatment programme, but in the meanwhile (for the past 6 weeks) I have been on 1/2mg Flupentixol and sometimes, like the past few days, I've just been feeling that there's a blanket of anxiety, depression and death over me and there had been nothing I can do to get rid of it, not distracting myself with games, not hanging out with friends, not intoxicating myself (which is what I usually do).

I want to know how other people deal with their depression when it becomes impossible to block out. Surely there must be some things that give you respite and relief, if only for a while? I'm really trying to stay level-headed but it getting harder and harder to stop slipping away. Suggestions?


for me I listen to zen talks to keep my mind calmer, and puts a better perspective take on things, sees suffering as not bad, but useful at times, the talks I listen to say that we cannot have compassion without knowing suffering, and it's true - if you came across someone feeling like you do today, you would understand them and have compassion - and compassion is the most important thing about being human - all the religious leaders, messiah, Buddha, etc suffered but they had compassion in them, so much of it that they were able to lead humankind into a better state of being.

anyway, the talks aren't about beliefs in the divine, they are about wellbeing, and how to calm your mind, how to get through the dark times

you can download them at Thich Nhat Hanh Dharma Talks | Recent talks given by Thay from around the world.
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