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Mar 20, 2019
It saw psychosis, schizo-affective, bipolair and schizophrenia appear on paper. It is favored, it understands the intention, but it is not true. It is well-intended, blessed but needlessly painful that this is made up for not yet feeling emotions, observing thoughts and opening the mind. These are ordinary experiences that are part of life and that have nothing to do with disease, except to make it disappear.

Even though it did not know what it was meant for, it yielded against better judgment a lesson by having taken psychiatric drugs. This contributed to the level of suffering to make life collapse, which later turned out to be the intention to repay evil with good by asking: who?

The idea that 'I' am suffering is exactly that, an idea. Not true. It found out that there was no 'I'. No 'I', so no suffering and therefore no problem. Although there is no 'I' who can complain about anything and the body can take a drug until death, it can try to let this instructive, blessed but useless 'medicine' be. The blood family, spiritual family and psychiatrists Bart Simons are supportive.

Do you want to support the body, possibly mutually, to let go of Quetiapine?


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Apr 9, 2010
Hi and welcome.

Sometimes being medicated is the only option, but sometimes certain meds and yes maybe quetiapine, might do a good job and get rid of the negative symptoms. But what about the feelings/emotions/symptoms you don't want to get rid of.
I knew a young man who suffered from schizophrenia and had visual hallucinations that were actually pleasant hallucinations, true he described it as watching cartoons but being involved in the cartoon. He enjoyed that.
I really aren't kidding.
He was aware they were hallucinations they weren't overwhelming hes had them all his life,it was actually a part of him.
I met this man when I was a student on a mental health ward. It was agreed that to take that off him would have been cruel.
He actually didn't have the best upbringing so this was his time out