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New member
Apr 9, 2009

I started hearing a man's voice in my head at a particularly stressful time last year. I work for the NHS and they noticed a change in behaviour and I was forced to have a mental health assessment before they'd let me work again. I lied and said I had not heard voices as I didn't want to be prevented from working. I am back at work and am also doing a part time degree. The man's voice is still there but is very quiet and distant. I really hate hearing voices as it means I cannot drink and I feel like I have a mental health problem. I really want to be a speech therapist in a couple of years but I am worried about this man's voice in my head.
How long did you hear voices for and are you able to work in a professional job?
I can cope with this voice but I am worried that it will prevent me from working in jobs in which I can earn more money. I am also worried about being honest with employers about mental health problems.

Have you been honest with them and has it been ok?

Many thanks,

M.S (female, aged 23)