Questioning psychiatric treatment



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Aug 23, 2018
Hi, I’m new to this forum

Just a little background about myself. I was diagnosed with acute paranoid schizophrenia in January 2011. The hospital had put me on olanzapine, Effexor and 45 milligrams of abilify daily. Years had gone by without any symptoms so I began to question my diagnosis. In 2016 I had abruptly stopped taking abilify a couple of times which was not wise. Within a few weeks I went into withdrawal state. I was all over the place and ended up in hospital which is when they changed my diagnosis to schizoaffective bipolar type. So, they added valproate 500 milligrams daily as an add on to abilify. I was compliant with that for a period of time. The second time I had abruptly stopped taking psychiatric drugs in early 2017 I did some silly things made poor decisions and lost a circle of friends. I was devastated then went into a deep depression and suicide ideation and consequently ended up in hospital again. The hospital put me on a community treatment order and forced me on an injection of abilify and 1000 milligrams of valproate as a mood stabilizer. They told me at the start they cannot put me on antidepressants as it would cause mania or hypomania due to the bipolar diagnosis. However, they decided to put me on Effexor as an add on to 1000mg of sodium valproate and 10 milligrams of abilify. I questioned why they put me on Effexor when they initially told me anti-depressants would affect my mood. But they put me on it anyway. I was on Effexor for a short period then stopped them, I had some withdraws such as dizziness that went away but continued valproate and Abilify.

I was still confused as to why I had not had any schizophrenic symptoms since January 2011. I began to research as I was baffled by all this. During early 2017 I come across a psychiatrist who criticizes the prevailing model of mainstream psychiatry. He argues and debates that psychiatry is a pseudo-science that they simply claim mental disorder is a brain disorder with an absence of any convincing evidence or proof. I got a referral by my doctor and made an appointment with him for a second opinion. After an hour of assessing me he was very direct and told me I do not have schizophrenia I do not have bipolar or depression. He told me the consequences of stopping the drugs abruptly but I had already knew that. I decided to come off the drugs very slowly under his supervision. The first being the valproate. He said it is an anticonvulsant that has no specific effect on mood, he said through emailing not to be bothered by what the hospitals told me as it is “rubbish” which is opinion only not established fact. So, I weaned off slowly over a period of 4 months. That was nearly a year ago and have found him to be correct on that.

I am now weaning off abilify slowly. I went to a compounding chemist where the 10 milligram tablets have been compressed to 5 and 1 milligram form. I reduce 1 mg once a month. The hospitals and previous psychiatrists told me 10 mg is the minimum to control psychosis. Now on 7mg daily I am doing fine but still have a while to go. I also found out that 30mg is the maximum but that 15 is effective enough according to mainstream psychiatry. When I told my psychiatrist they initially had me on 45mg for years he gave an eye roll.

Given that they have been incorrect and inconsistent on a number of treatments. And that the tapering off of appriprozole is going well at present. How can I be expected to trust and believe what mainstream doctors have presented to me as certain fact?
I am not trolling. I am seeking clarity.. and to see if anyone else has a similar story?


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Aug 13, 2017
Welcome to the forum, thank you for sharing your story.

I too am of the opinion, amd experience, that the 'medications' often cause severe harm and do not address the patients problems.
I have experienced psychosis, am diagnosed schizophrenic, but believe the psychosis is a transformative experience to heal a psychic/soul wound. I continue to have psychotic experiences sadly even outside of the periods of extreme psychosis. I do feel worn down and diminished by it. I currently take a medium dose of haloperidol which for me is the least emotionally damanging of the medications I have been on but I hope to come off it gradually in the fututre when my life is more stable.

Have you read dr joanna moncrief's writing?
Laing didn't get it all right but he had some excellent insights imo. The chemical imbalance theory is a servant to the drug companies really. The evidence is just not there.

I think the drugs can be good to dampen down unbearable experiences but I know in my case they have more often made things worse than better.

I am sorry you went through such a terrible time but I am so glad that you are seeing this mew doctor amd that things are going well for you. I hope you will keep us updated with your progress on here