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Question, use of medication and alchohol



New member
Nov 5, 2008
Hi all and thankyou in advance for any insight you may offer.

My Ex husband and childrens father was diagnosed as schitzophrenic prior to our relationship, i was unaware of this until well after the, lets say 'difficult' relationship ended. Some 10 years after seperation he has decided to seek contact with the children.

While i agree that the children should be allowed some time with their father i am very worried about his ability to properly care for them during visits. It is not possible for me to be present during contact due to the extremely violent history and from what i have seen, my ex has only a minimal support network with no suitable persons available to supervise his contact.

My main concerns in this matter is that he has always been and to this day is an alchoholic who denies he has a drinking problem and refuses to cease using alchohol, he also denies he has schitzophrenia (though now takes his needle regularly after being convinced the modecate is for asthma)

I have come across many sites with basic drug information all stating that the patient should not drink when taking the drug, some state because Modecate can increase the effect of alchohol and some state it is because alchohol can decrease the effect of the drug.

No matter how hard we try, we can not convince him to stop drinking alchohol. I have seen that even when taking his medication, he continues to show signs of his illness but i simply do not know if it because of his drinking or from an incorrect dose or treatment.

any insight into the actual effects of alchohol / modecate combination would be greatly appreciated.



Well-known member
Jul 31, 2008
Worcestershire, Great Britain

I understand what you are saying. Alcohol, from what I have been told, can have an effect on the medication, but this is rare so long as you drink in moderation.

Also, from what I have discovered, going cold turkey can be incredibly difficult. He should be eased off the alcohol slowly, if he is not doing, or has not done, so already.

I hope you find something of use. I admit I am no expert, but this is the best advice I can give. I am sure there are other forum members with experience of this who can offer more effective advice.


Sep 22, 2008
Problem is,drugs effect people differently.Mixing drugs just complicates things even more.
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