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Question on hearing and seeing things.



New member
Sep 14, 2018
Hello all. I have had a few delusions in the past but nothing minor like this. I'm unsure if they are anything to be concerned about. Almost always I hear voices in my head. I will sit for hours just talking in my head , zones out. It is causing relationship issues as my boyfriend is complaining that I just sit here and shut down.

I have recently had a few issues. They typically happen while I'm paying down at night (usually shortly after). I know I am not asleel during these times as ill be steadily having conversation with my SO often. The first thing that's been happening is the past few weeks I have had very lucid dreams. In on instance I woke up, got out of bed and went upstairs (I live n a basement) as I had sworn I heard my mother calling me from up there. I came back down and saw that it was 5 am. My boyfriend stated that my mother wasn't there. I will be laying here and hear him speak to me , but when I ask him what he said he says he didn't say anything. I hear him clear as day though. Another thing that happens frequently is I will have my eyes shut yet see very vivid images . It's like watching a movie in my head. When I speak about them I call them 'visions' they randomly happen , even during the day. They are always random and not born off of anything that I have been thinking about

Can anyone give any insight on this ?


Sep 15, 2018
Aalestrup --Dk
I Hear things too, Like I, get answers, to Prayers .. Go for a Walk, Get a Dog -- It Helps xx