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Question? Do i have an eating disorder?



New member
May 25, 2019
New york united states
Hi im new to the forums! Im bri.
I just needed some insight as to weither i may have an ED and if its anorexia and what that entails. My doctor isnt giving me a clear answer. But instead told me to eat very few calories a day and walk an hour ‘and the weight will come off’. Because ‘gorls do this all the time.’ Was what he said a while back earlier this year. And im at a healthy weight in no means ‘heavy.’ Hes a licensed psychatrist. Im a 25 year old woman.
I am diagnosed with bipolar and depression.

Soooo i really need an outside opinion,on weither i have an ED.
Ive been restricting for over a year,since april 2018. I have lost a lot of weight. Im 5’3-5’4 I eat very few calories a day. Never binge ever. Lose my appetite. Drink strictly water only. And most of the time,if i eat anything its vegan. I do accasionaly have a ‘normal’ meal. Were ill eat like a spinach wrap and water or a streamfresh,but that would be it. Usually vegetables. I dont usually skip days i eat because i exercise continously.35 min to 1 1/2 hours every other day. So i run almost every day and eat sometimes nothing. But people dont care,because getting skinny is good right?? And everyone in my life is active and thinks im doing great.
My weight is streadily dropping,gonna stop when I get to a certain weight and not a pound more. Ive had this problem on and off since highschool. But no one will address it even if i reach out. Like its no big deal. I starve and i know i do but i cant stop. I dont binge or pukrge,never have. Just lose an appetite.
So is this,EDNOS-anorexia-or neither?
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Well-known member
Mar 20, 2019
Yes, you do. Quite obvious you do.

I don`t need to be a psychiatrist, what you are doing is restrictive.

You`re eating dangerously low amounts and exercising excessively. Keep this up much longer and your body , by not getting enough food, will obtain it by other means, such as taking it from your bodys stores. Failing that it will take it from your muscles, heart etc. Your body will go into survival mode.

Keeping this up you will cause all manner of dangerous issues, lack of a menstrual cycle, brittle bones(lack of calcium), cognitive impairment, need I go on ?

Untreated you WILL die.


Well-known member
Forum Safety Team
Oct 11, 2014
You need a new doctor, that one you have seen is a moron.