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Question Breathing



New member
Nov 26, 2009
Hi everyone,

I have experienced symptoms associated with schitzophrenia and or bi-polar over the last few years. (voices, night halucinations and real like dreams, panic attacks, depression paranoia..etc)

I've recently seen a doctor about it after doing my own recearch for a long time. We decided together that at the moment, i seem to be in control know and understand the symptoms and there is no need for medication, because i am aware of my illusions and i try to anaylse everything rationally.
I also write music to help me.. which i believe is a tool i can use to sort out things in my head.

This is a slightly embarrasing question. I want to know if anyone has ever experienced a feeling that someone has 'taken over there breathing' at night.. like it slowly comes on that my breathing became slow, deep, and soulful, like almost sexual, and would last for perhaps a few minutes then fade out. And i myself was not arroused. in my mind i had this idea that it would occur when my 'soul mate' was experiencing an orgasm whereever they were at the time.. and i had a 'spiritual connection' enabling me to share the breathing experience she was having.
I had this experience perhaps 8-10 times over a few month period, but have not had it since. The 'soul mate' was just someone i thought could be a future partner, not someone who was a partner. :tea:

Is this totally insane?
I currently feel 100% well.



Well done for dealing with things without meds.

I'm not sure what that could be. I get very odd disturbances at night. It could be what you say; who knows?
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